Hmmm... what to say?
I enjoy reading...And im always interested to read what people are writing about. Personality wise you can say i'm easy going, friendly, shy (sometimes), understanding, helpful, laid back & patient. I love life because everyday is a new experience.I live life with integrity, originality, vision, and creativity.
I'm independent and stubborn, and rarely stray from my vision - no matter what it is.I am an excellent listener with almost infinite patience.I have complex feelings, and I take great care to express them.I am honest, and speak what's on my mind. I hate people who talk shit about others but what can u say? Some may never change.
I do fall in love quickly, but trust me once you let go you will never get me back. Just face it i dont have a bag full of second chances. Trust is big in relationships and once you've lost mine, honey it's going to be hard to gain it back. Yes, i may seem open and i am a very happy type of person. Dont get on my bad side, it's pretty ugly. But on the plus side there are few people i can never stay mad at, i guess that's just me. I believe we are all beautiful without make up : ) Dont second guess urself!!
So yah, i've come to a conclusion ..i hope it gave u a snippet of who I am!! :D ( :
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