I love to read and write, although my number one job would be an actress I would happily take writer too!

When I'm writing, I picture my stories as movies . . . one day I hope that will come true.

Wish list:
Write a book(s) (x)
Have over 50 reads(x)
Have over 100 reads(x)
Have over 200 reads(x)
Have over 500 reads(x)
Have over 600 reads(x)
Have over 700 reads(x)
Have over 800 reads(x)
Have over 900 reads(x)
Have over 1000 reads(x)
Have over 2000 reads(x)
Have over 3000 reads(x)
Have over 4000 reads(x)
Have over 5000 reads(x)
Get a fan (x)
Get over ten fans (x)
Get over 20 fans (x)
Get over 100 fans (x)
Get over 100 votes(x)
Have my book be eligible in the watty awards ( )

I love to read so if you ask me to take a look at your book I'll probably put it in my library. I'll comment on it if it's good and I'll fan you if I love it or any of your other books.

Writing means a lot to me and if anyone voted of fans me I'd be so grateful.


^ my twitter! Follow for updates on new chapter, clues to up coming ones, pictures, and everything else(:
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xokristinaxo13 xokristinaxo13 Nov 24, 2015 04:20AM
I need a name for the main character of my new short story series. It's a girl. Any ideas?
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