Hi there... you have entered my universe

The names Tessa
17 years young

Things about moi...

I am quadrilingual... Italian, English, Spanish, French

I am half-Italian (go Italy) and also French, British, German, and possibly Irish.

I used to ballroom dance

I play sports... soccer, volleyball

I am a very flexible person

I have 3 sisters... Alexa is by blood and Emma is too but she is my cousin... and Abby, although not blood, she might as well have been

I love all food except for some seafood and mushrooms

Music is my life... I turn my music on, I turn the world off

I am insecure and have trust issues

I want 4 pet turtles and I shall name them after the ninja turtles

I am straight as a ruler... thought I'd let you know

I want to travel lots of the world when I get older

Go check out Emma my cousin:
Emma- @fashiongal678
Love her with my heart, she's like a baby sister to me... you hurt her, be prepared to die

love ya all... cheers to life
love your awesome, amazing, extravagant friend...

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    you really want to know? well in that case... No
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    Mar 11, 2012 11:21PM
xmusiclover18x xmusiclover18x Jun 18, 2013 07:41PM
@ally_warawa I will try Ally boo... I am starting the new chapter right now even though i am supposed to be playing french games
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