I love writing and keep on having dreams of getting one my stories converted into a movie...heh... that pretty much sums it up :)

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Imperfect carvings- ongoing
Attached- ongoing
Mindgamers- ongoing
possessive much? - ongoing


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Stories by Megan Bravekins
Imperfect Carvings by xmagxx
Imperfect Carvings
Jinx. That's what she called herself. It's not like she didn't know her name. She just hated it. Because it w...
Attached  // Shawn Mendes by xmagxx
Attached // Shawn Mendes
What happens when a former fighter with a dark past meets a celebrity only to find that he is none other than...
Mindgamers by xmagxx
She was bruised. She was broken. Her powers were slowly going away. 'The desired leader of peace.' That's wha...
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