The name's Tammy (:

I prefer thinking positive instead of negative thoughts.
Everything I write holds some truth to it.
I am not an emotional person, but I've been through alot.
I am a bit boy crazy, lol.
I love amusement parks.
L.A Is my favorite place next to VIetnam.
I get inspirations from the people around me and the little things I learn from them.
I enjoy people watching.
My first language is not English, so I make a lot errors when it comes to grammar.
I'm more lazy than the average person.
I'm an extreme dog person.
I have like the same guy for 3 years now, and he still doesn't like me back. Boo :( some inspirations come from that.
I say things without thinking, so when I write about my life, I tend to regret so much.
Summer of 2013 was the most emotional, life changing, summer of my life.
And I can go on and on...but if you want to actually know me instead of what you read in this little box, just message me (:
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xlovehurtsx xlovehurtsx a year ago
I'm finally back, and I will be writing a lot more! So expect great stories!
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