People with two face's confuse me,
one minute i want to slap one face but then the other pops up and i want to slap it even harder.

It doesn't matter who you fall for
It's who catches you :)

the good don't die young they die happy :)

try to lay off the bitch flakes in the mornings

Giving up dosen't always mean your weak
sometimes your just stong enough to let go

That which doesn't kill me better run pretty damn fast.

"I got hit in the side"
"with what?"
"A knife"

FISH: fuck it shit happens

Im not crazy my reality is just different than yours

i deserve a medal this week for not stabbing someone with a fork today!

i don't have a short temper just a quick reaction to bullshit

i was born intellegent but my education ruined me
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    busting tannies kneecaps cause she owed me the money
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xkeep0all0memoriesx xkeep0all0memoriesx May 11, 2012 01:20PM
@chocolatelollies lol sorry tayah!!
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