hiya everyone, welcome to crazyland :-)

I am:
*Utterly crazy and random
*A Muslim (don't judge me because of my religion if you're going to i suggest you get of here)
*A bitch when i get pissed of
*Extremely spoilt hehehe
*Nearing the end of teens ( i want to go back to being a kid)

I love:
*Flying in an Aeroplane
*Cheesecake and chocolate cookie, there's nothing that can beat them
*Writing poetry and drawing
*Taking long walks
*Reading, well no duh lol
*Fighting, am not really an violent person

I hate:
*Lairs, if you got nothing to say just keep it shut
*Two faced people, arghh just can't stand them

fan, or comment if you want to talk :-D
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