you want Torment finished? check this out:) https://www.wattpad.com/story/132873111


@xbrokendreamsx book 2 already cmplete@still update?


I just got done reading your tormented sequel and I really hope you finish it. I love this series and am looking forward to how you decide to end it. Plz update the sequel of tormented 


@Wolfiena29 last update for it was 2015, so yeah. Chances are they don't even use this account anymore, let alone plan to ever update the sequel again. 


I love your writings I just wish that in torment their relationship wasn't so abusive. Luna is constantly apologizing for her outbursts and then her girl covers for her saying that she was asking for it. I know it gets better toward the end, but not much. Maybe I just wish that it was shown how abusive the relationship was, I'm not sure. It's just hard to read because it makes me scared that maybe this relationship is okay under some people's pov. I don't know, it just rubs me the wrong way that she stayed in that bad relationship


Me and you have got something in common. We both love vampires and fantasy. We also love to write. I would love to write a story with you if it's possible on this. I love your Tortmented Mistress book. It actually feels weird that Amber fell in love with her aunt, Luna. I was rooting for Hailey and Amber but I get it. Anyway, I can't wait to read what other books you have.