Things about me....

-My name is Tyler.
-My bestie is @beautifullyunspoken and @xXxBlazeMayzeexXx
-Im bi,but a lean a bit more towards guys....<3
-15,turning 16 on December 26th.Yes the same birthday as Andy Biersack<3
-Kinda a mute.I talk when need be.
-I have a bit of a british accent.
-I play acoustic/electric guitar,I play piano,and I sing....
-Music is my life and savior.
-Suffers from depression.
-I used to self harm...
-Known history of attempts of suicide...
-A bit of a song and poetry writer.
-Im in love with the thought of love.
-Yes,I am single

Music(In no order)

-Black Veil Brides
-Asking Alexandria
-Bruce Springsteen
-Led Zepplin
-Iron Maiden

Well,er,thats it.Im not good at this stuff....Bye...
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