Hello, everyone my name is ✿Christy Gumdrop✿  if you dropped by my profile to check me out, feel free to message me or, even drop a message on the board. I will try to get back to everyone. if not then I'm sorry ◕3◕ 

Just to let you know, no i don't get spammed with messages all the time. haha i rarely get them, I'm just a regular human being. Don't be afraid to speak up ok. I love you all.

Age:22 ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Gender: Female

~*Completed Stories*~
*) Her Majesty's Dogs (Werewolf, Romance)

*) I'm Falling In Love With My Pet HELP!! (Paranormal, Romance)

~*On-Going Stories*~
*) My Pet's Possessive Ways (Sequel To 'I'm Falling In Love With My Pet HELP!!) (Paranormal, Romance)

*) Miss Soul Eater, Won't You Kiss Me? (Paranormal, Romance)

*) Growing Up Supernatural (Paranormal, Teen Fiction)

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xXxSinfulxPassionxXx xXxSinfulxPassionxXx a month ago
I know i should post this weekend but, i still haven't figured out which to work on..i have to retain my brain for the details and story plots i came up with before aghhh. 
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My Pet's Possessive Ways ~*Sequel*~

Social data: 270K reads. 6.1K votes. 920 comments.

Description: YES THIS IS THE SEQUEAL TO 'I'm Falling In Love With My Pet HELP!!' As we last left off our charaters both Lori and Rosie have problems that came up after Malice's death. Lori can't be accpected as the new A...

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I'm Falling In Love With My Pet HELP!!!

I'm Falling In Love With My Pet HELP!!!

2.9M 44.9K 6K

"You would think being fired, and constantly being sexualy harassed would be the some of the bad th...

Growing Up Supernatural

Growing Up Supernatural

860 24 8

“Sugar, Spice and everything nice” A famous saying of what little girls are made of, but what if you had...

Her Majesty's Dogs

Her Majesty's Dogs

210K 3.3K 310

Roxanna Richards, losing her father to cancer is hard especially when your mother abandoned you when you...

Miss Soul Eater, Won't You Kiss Me?

Miss Soul Eater, Won't You Kiss Me?

24K 533 143

"Wait, Mitchell what are you doing?" I said as he got closer and closer to me, i kept backing...

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Story Reading List