The majority of my stuff so far is LGBT, but there are a few straight stories in there if you look for them :) There might be more, depending on my mood, and how lazy I feel :). Please don't hate if my stuff isn't that great. I know I'm not the best writer, but I love writing because it's really therapeutic and relaxing. I'm currently working on my novel, "Ashes to Burn," as I really want to finish it before this year ends. It's not your average story, but it's a good one if you ever plan to read it. I'm not usually happy with what I write, but I am very proud of this book, so please show it some love. If you don't like it, don't read it, it's cool! I've kind of put it off, but I'm back on the horse after almost seven months of writer's block, haha :)

I'm a pretty chill person, and I absolutely cannot write without my music. It's impossible!

Please check out these stories of mine first, just for a light taste of my writing style. These are my best works (from each category):

1. Ashes to Burn (Novel)

2. Two Seconds (Short Story)

3. Tainted Love (Poem)

Also, check out these amazing writers. They'll seriously blow your mind, trust me :)





Just a side note:

I want a million cats <3
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Chapter Thirty-One of "Ashes to Burn" is up. Sorry for the long wait on the upload but more is coming, and the novel will be finished by the end of this year! Thanks so much for everything, guys! Vot...
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Wicked Game

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Description: Life. It's all just one wicked game. How far are you willing to go to win? To conquer the world, to win the final prize? How much will you give away, leave behind and destroy? Can you push all your friends awa...

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Ashes to Burn (Work In Progress)

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