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xXxCupcakeNinjaxXx xXxCupcakeNinjaxXx Apr 12, 2016 05:24PM
Okay so i just realized I never posted the last two chapters of this story up here and its been over a year. i feel like a terrible person but yeah, well they're here. so enjoy the end of the story.
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Stories by Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen :3
Sharp Practice by xXxCupcakeNinjaxXx
Sharp Practice Paranormal
Rhylee Jacobs aka Ginger is an Enlight; a person born with extraordinary abilities. The only others of her kind she knows is her parents, that is until she meets an Enlight named Kris. Together they discover more a...
I'd Rather Die Than Be Famous by xXxCupcakeNinjaxXx
I'd Rather Die Than Be Famous Teen Fiction
NOT A PIERCE THE VEIL FAN FICTION Elysia "Lilo" Daias aka Eels is rocks little sweetheart. When she was fourteen her and her band Park the Van aka the other PTV signed with Fearless Records and the only t...
Thaumaturgy Apatheia by xXxCupcakeNinjaxXx
Thaumaturgy Apatheia Teen Fiction
Aris (pronounced Eris) Goode sees no future for herself. Content with coasting through high school and avoiding all thoughts of the future she only aspires to get high with her friends and delay her budding relatio...
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