Hello random and unknown, possibly dangerous or awesome, people reading this...
Just so you have fair warning, I'm weird, and I enjoy messing with people.... but if I think you're nice, you're safe [for now...]

☠. Batman is awesome.... enough said
☠. Hello to my fellow Mincraft-ians
☠. N to the E to the R to the D, What does it spell?! seriously what does it spell...
☠. I am the proud owner of a Unicycle, and yes it's awesome
☠. I love you if you love (or have) cookiez.
☠. I am weird and damn proud of it, you don't like it, your loss.
☠. I enjoy the conversations i have with the voices in my head. O_o
☠. If you just as weird and random as i am, i ♥ you
☠. I LOVE to talk to random people about anything :D
☠ I love Music, favorite artists:
- Pink
- Owl City
- Pitbull
- Black Veil Brides
- Coldplay
- Green Day
- Jonathon Coulton
- My Chemical Romance
- Train
- The Script
- Wolfmother
And Much more.....

"May not be that super-model-skinny girl, May not be that Preppy-Cheer girl, May not be that Give-It-Up girl, May not be that Beach-Tan babe, But I am that Heart-of-gold girl, that Love-forever girl, that out-of-the-box girl, that get-down-with-the-guys girl, and that tom-boy girl. I don't need to be 5'9 and anorexic to be beautiful, I don't need to to be the most popular girl to be liked and I don't need to put out to get a guy to notice me. ♥ I am better off being me and not being influenced to be anything different."

Please fan these AWESOME people:




❒ Single ❒ Taken ✔Joker

Loading Ninjaness........
██████████████████ 100% Completed.....

~ Katt
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@toby2toes if its not word for word in the sense that its exactly the same with a couple of different names for characters, places etc. talk to the author or you can try and report them to the owners...
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