People that don't know me think I'm quiet

People that do know me WISH I WAS! ^-^

Hey! The names Kiera! I'm SUPER random. So if something pops up in the middle of a sentence its just a random attack.

I L-O-V-E music. I prefer Alternative Rock. But I'll listen to anyhting but country. I have three dogs. A boxer, australian shepard, and a puggle (pug and a beagle. surprisingly adorable)! I love animals of all kind. I'm 13 and SQUIRREL! (random attack) still getting older. I have one super cool super close friend I would die fro. Her name is Rachel her username is iiDino-Suarii (who likes to call me chompeh). I have a Gaia with the same username. (cause I just LOVE the name chomp!)

Me: May I poke you?
Person: No
Me: *touches anyway*

Of all the cookies in the world I absolutly would choose Oreos as my favorite! SQUIRRELS ROCK! (again randomness)

I love to read and write. I always wanted to write but I thought it was pointless if no one could read my stories. But now I have a way to express myself to everyone through my stories. I read all the time. Usually you'll find me in or under a tree reading a book.

I like anime and manga (books and shows). I love to draw it too. I'm very good at drawing.

I'm not a fan of colors. I like to where dark colors (blacks, purples, dark blues and greens, ect.) If I am wearing a bright colors its neon.

When I come up with more things to tell you I will edit the About Me. Right now BRAINFREEZE!!!!
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