okayyyy sooo umm welll heres a little bit about me:   i live in louisiana which i love :) i love my cajun heritage and im shy at first when u meet me, but then after i get to know ya im the jokester lol. I love to read and write and sometimes the things i write aren't all that good but thats why i got you guys!!!!! :D i'd love to be a professional writer cuz then i could work from home and put my extraordinary imagination to use haha. if u want to know more just message me :)
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xXmurphdogXx xXmurphdogXx Sep 13, 2013 09:43PM
editing and revising Jamie's Sanctuary!! then starting on new chapters :) so hopefully within the next couple months it will be completely finished.
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Description: A girl who has been through hell and back, Jamie. She finds out that she can actually talk to her new dog. Then there is the mysterious stranger that seems to know a bit about her that keeps showing up at her...


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