I'm always reading on wattpad and waiting for updates! :P
When I'm not reading manga or watching anime, reading on wattpad or looking for a new story on wattpad is likely what I'm doing... I don't think it's the healthiest thing on the block but I'm ok with it :P

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I don't think Conor's the one... I'm not sure if he understands sawyer enough even though she thinks he does... Like she keeps saying it's great that he doesn't push her to speak, but at the same time it sometimes feels like she needs that... So I'm not sure if he's a good fit. And I'm real sad about the graham thing and I'm curious to see what's gonna go down. But also, this pregnancy is just... I can't. If graham cheated on her, which is what it sounds like, I'm quite unimpressed. I dunno how to feel anymore, I need more details, there's currently just a hell of a lot of angst toward all parties.