I'm never really any good with the 'about me' stuff but I'll give it a go!

The names Marwah
I'm 18
Hoping to go to university this September to study Geography in London (fingers crossed)
I love music! Anything is good! Fall out Boy, All time low, Taylor swift!
Writing is my passion. I used to love reading and writing and would write all the time but recently cuz of college I've just been to preoccupied:(
Anime and manga kinda girl all the way!
Marvel and DC (I love comics)
Celebritycrush--> hmm can't really think of anyone at the top of my head >_<
Proudly supporting gay rights :)
One day I wish I could own a library as big as the one in Doctor who in the silence in the library episode (limitless)
Ooh in case you don't know I really love doctor who!!!!
Life in general I just love cruising by!
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