Oops that wasnt meant for myself xD


It's been like a year since I've read your Tom Riddle story and I still want you to update lol pleaasee :)


Hey Alba Aka xxxglossywandxx, 
          I was wondering why you stopped writing your book. It's just that I've really been enjoying it and when I checked I saw that you last updated like two years ago! Please respond soon!


Hey! I see you like HP? Same! I have a fan fic called 'Seven: A Tom Riddle Love Story'. Also, my first work was 'Common Ground: A Draco Malfoy Love Story'. If you could check them out? I'd be greatful! 
          Thank you! X
          ~ N


Hey girl you've been gone for ever so I was thinking on continuing your story myself (still giving you full credit all the way up to chapter 34 of course) and if your still alive, want it to live on but just don't have the inspiration, (I get it) and you had some type of story line for future chapters you would want me to follow please let me know.