Heyyyy my name is Teresa and I'm a proud latina. I'm from Puerto Rico. I'm bi-lingual so feel free to chat with me in either language!! My best friend in the world is First Name Which I Will Not Disclose Alexis Chambers aka Lexi Loo Chambers. Anyways so let me tell you some things about myself just don't suddenly stalk me O.o

1. I LOVE Drizzy Drake OVOXO all day

2. My favorite color is Black

3. I'm crazy

4. I prefer isolation....

5. I am a self~proclaimed misanthrope and Lex is one of the FEW people I can tolerate

6. I like the Glee Project Season 1. Mainly Damian McGinty

8. My fav band is Mayday Parade

9. I HATE Teen Mom but I LOVE Maci and Bentley

10. I LOVE Degrassi, I don't care if they recycle story lines or make my favorite characters do stupid stuff I'll always go back. Elijah Goldsworthy and Declan Coyne have my heart.

11. I think everyone is a creeper ;)

12. I have OCD so every list I write MUST end on an even number like this one.

My life is hard but the people I love get me through it. I really wish I was nicer but I'm not i'm sarcastic and morbid and I don't generally like people so if you're gonna say something to me don't do it with an attitude or there will be a BRAWL online or on the street I don't give a damn!

Lexi_Burns_Red ~ My best friend, my sister, my other half, I LOVE her soooo much

Jerichi~ Lexi's wattpad bff & a REALLY nice girl

Other Wattpaders~ can't remember your watty names but if you're one of the few ;*
My favorite Quotes/Lyrics are:

"Everybody talks and everybody listens but somehow it's the truth that always comes up missing"-Drake

"Second chances never matter people never change!" Paramore

"Why you looking bitter? I be looking better, type of bitch that makes you wish that you ain't never met her!"-Kreayshawn

Adios chicas y chicos if I have anything else to say I will don't you worry!!!!
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    I'm in Miami Bitch
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    Aug 24, 2011 05:05PM
xXBaddestBitchXx xXBaddestBitchXx Sep 18, 2012 02:58AM
@RainbowSticks  No problem at all and why thank you I'm sure your Rainbow World will be lovely ;) 
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