HI MY BABY CHICKEN NUGGETS!! (Shhh just go with it) 
          	I want to check in and make sure you’re all doing okay. Let me know in the replies how you guys are doing ❤️ 
          	Also, as a way to make it more positive, I want you to name any 3 things you’re really grateful for. 
          	Lots of love and jelly tots ✨


@xThePineappleGirlx I'm fine, hope u & ur family r too :)
          	  Things I'm grateful for:
          	  1) Books
          	  2) People who r always there for me
          	  3) Wifi 


          	  A) resumption of schools 4 d waec students 
          	  B) Food 
          	  C) my family and good life


          	  A)I just uploaded my 3rd chapter
          	  B)i hit 1000 followers on @barbievibezz,_
          	  C)God woke me up


Girl you got one of you stories premium!!! I’m so proud of you, I’ve read most of your books in just 1 day cause there soooo addictive I can’t stop! I was about to read “It started with a high top” , but then I saw it was premium and I nearly cried.


Mostly I'm fond of a happy ending books or movies but this one I'm so mad that she died but I loved it,sorry I meant I adore it...I still want to cry but my mom is beside me and i don't want her laughing her ass off watching my face....I have no words 'I AAAAAAADDDDDDOOOOOOORRRRREEEE IT'


I will NEVER EVER NEVER EVER!!!! forget this story.I just start reading it now and finished it.I ADORE THIS BOOK...I was crying and my pillow case soaked with my tearsI loved it and it mean so much to me.It makes me to feel something (I still don't know what exactly is) I've never felt in my entire life before.Sorry if I'm being lunatic but I will repeat it...I ADORE 'HATING THE PLAYER' ugh...i swear it's so hard fund words for it and sorry if I'm exaggerating,I saved it inside my heard to my favourite reading list...Love u so much and thanks for this book...You're a fantastic writer♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


I just finished readin hating the player and I honestly did not expect the ending. It makes my nose red, im still crying right now...


Hey I just read hating the player but I am in tears I cant believe it . Is it a true story it sounds so real.


U r legit a Wattpad inspo of mine. I’ve been reading ur books for quite some time and everytime I read it I just love it so much. I lived with ur books through my child  adolescence. I grew with them a lot so thank you for making thesr books.


this message may be offensive
i just finished readin "hating the player" i swear im crying at 1"38 in the morning
          i like happy endinggggggggs
          but anyways i fucking praise you youre an amazing author i hope your books get publishedddddddd