Hey, beautiful people (and potatoes or whatever you wish to be)! 
          	I am here to let you know that my beautiful and insanely talented friend, Ellie ( @TahliePurvis ) has a campaign called #FreeYourBody ( @FreeYourBody ) and she has started a community project relating to this campaign where anyone can send in pieces to promote the acceptance of all types of beauty, body sizes and more (go check out the book Tough Skin posted on the account to find out more about it and go check out all the available posts as well!) Please vote like crazy and spread the love because this campaign is so perfect and powerful and I love Ellie so much for doing this! ✨
          	Thanks!! I love you all so so so much!! ❤


@xThePineappleGirlx  Please update BAD THINGS....
          	  Please with a cherry on top :/


@xThePineappleGirlx OMG! charliegotcaught and TPG my favorites!


          Hi this is my friends story and she says that she can not write but the story is really good. Please help me prove her wrong and let her write more even though she doesn't agree with me. 
          (P.S: she knows that I am sharing it so please help me help her cause she is the most amazing person you will ever meet) 


Hey, jst gonna said that im superb in love with ur work and especially hating the player  keep doing superb work.  XOXO 


Omg im pretty sure we have the same name just spelled differently ps i looooove your stories


Is it wrong of me to fascinate that one day, I will get married with a hot,sexy  gang leader (but I prefer an Italian thou )

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