Hey, guys! I just want to let you know that I am going to wait until wattpad calms down and fixes the glitches before I update again because there have been problems with it. So yeah, as soon as everything is fixed I'll be updating ❤️ 
          	Love you guys! xx


@xThePineappleGirlx Hating the player, pulled at my heart strings at the end. You are a very good writer, I hope you continue writing even off wattpad.


@xThePineappleGirlx  I LOVE all of your books except HATING THE PLAYER (Jk I just don't like those kinds of endings) I USED ALL OF MY TISSUES FOR THAT BOOK


Your book hating the player is so great I read it in a day and I cried throughout the whole book so thank you for all your hard work and for being you... 
          P.S. I am going to try and read all of your books 


Omg I LOVE YOUR BOOKS SO MUCH! Thank you so much for all your work and making me love reading so please keep up the good work and work hard


Can I ask how many words roughly do you put in each chapter? Because I’m an aspiring writer and I find that your chapters are just long enough, they’re not too short and not too long! And I love your writing 


Even though I have read it over a year ago(for the first time), I still believe that 'Hating the Player' deserves to be a mOVIEE!! It would honestly go down in cinematic history.


@xxMDSxx omg I agree let's get the funding for this ugg i love that book soo much


I just read one of your really amazing books. It was so good. And it was legit, like this stuff can happen. Oh and did I mention it was good? BTW you are really funny too! Keep on writing these amazing books!

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