Hey, guys! I just want to let you know that I am going to wait until wattpad calms down and fixes the glitches before I update again because there have been problems with it. So yeah, as soon as everything is fixed I'll be updating ❤️ 
          	Love you guys! xx


@xThePineappleGirlx  I FREAKEN LOVE YOUR STORIES!!!!! My favorite one so far is "How To Catch A Boy"!


I'm writing a book and I would like you to please make me a cover because its my first book ever and I would like it to get as many reads as possible and i love what you did on TBBATTB


What is the name of your Instagram name so I can ask my followers to follow you for you amazing book!!!!


Like your bio lol. Boyfriends are cool but have YOU ever tried chocolate. Better than the boyfriend garlic combo. 
          Well you have deserved a follow from me. Enjoy!


          You are suck a great author and I love your books!
          Thanks for writing
          You my fav writer on wattpad
          You are so funny and I love it when you say random stuff in your books that make me laught.
          Thanks so much for making ne laught!
          Your amazing! 


Oh Goodness XThePineappleGirlx's your books are ssooooo amazing. My library is already filled with your story and I kindaaa love ittt. I'll read it as soon as possible and I'm done with all of your books. But I hope you could create more The stories are nice but the scene you know or some chapters is kind of fast but I undersand it because you make more stories. Banana love from me mwaahhh