I love to write, but I can get distracted very easily. I also like to read, but again I get distracted from that too. I get distracted a lot actually. Must be an age thing. My middle name Heaven-Leigh pronounced heavenly from the VC Andrews book and that's what my pen name is. I am a Californian, but no I don't think I'm the shit. Yes, I'm a teenager, but no I am not needy nor am I uneducated like most of the kids of my generation. I want to major in english so I try to take my writing seriously. I hope you enjoy what I write and please tell me how to become a great writer there is still so much I hope to learn
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You Just Have to Dream Hard Enough [Niall Horan]

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Description: Every directioner wants to date a 1D member. They've thought of countless possibilities and wrote so many imagines and fan fics. Well Jania was one of those dreamers. And when she dreams she shoots from Andromeda not letting her twisted past stand i...

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Second Chance

Second Chance

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Ricky was the girl who wanted to survive highschool, and with couples being in love all around her she b...

Um, the Black Family names are all after stars usually of the first magnitude. Its ironic cause they have the last name Black and are named after something bright. Idk if rowling thought that was funny or something but yeah. Theyre not Gods but stars.

Because a lot of Blacks are named after star constellations just like Sirius and Regulus. They both are first magnitude stars. Idk why she chose Andromeda seeing as its a galaxy but Perseus is a constellation. 
      Hope that helps.

A story that I used to like as a child comes to mind, I remember it because the main character was also called Juliet. A single line sticks out in my head, and with a sigh, I lean over the owlery bal...
What is a Montague? It is nor hand nor food. Nor arm no face or any other part belonging to a man. O be some other name! What is a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. 
      My favorite play ever.