I'm you-know-who.     I live in you-know-where.     And i'm 13.

I'm not a very big fan of writing since i only write when i'm bored or if i have nothing to do

My stories now are just made out of boredom and i'll drop them anytime i want

But comments are wanted.

I'm sorry if my stories are.. you know.. boring. But remember i was bored when i write them.

I go crazy when i'm bored and yes, i love being sarcastic.

I have chocolate issues. I go very crazy when i eat cupcakes or pudding or any sugar related stuffs.

I'm boring when i'm bored. And I speak out my mind if i'm crazy.

I hate the word "service" [bleghh!] even if i don't know why.

Be it School 'service' or the one in sports and something that has the word 'service'.

I love my DSLR camera and whenever i have 'em nothing escapes my wrath.. _insert evil laugh here_

I'm totally random so i'm ending this all here.

Thank you for reading this. Le bows.
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