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I'm not a regular updater, so I apologize in advance. I update when I feel like it and sometimes it may be weeks to months until the next chapter and I am quite truly sorry for that.

---Fantasy/Mythological, Historical Fiction/Medieval, and Science Fiction
---Jane Austen and all the adaptations; especially BBC Pride And Prejudice.
---Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings, Star Wars, Star Trek, Sherlock, Merlin, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Grey's Anatomy, NCIS, NCIS:LA, Arrow, Bones, Big Bang Theory, Friends, FMA:B, Soul Eater.
---Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend Of Korra fan! I ship Zutara and Tokka like there's no tomorrow.

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Affections And Indifferences

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Description: In the Regency Era, four young ladies and their brother grow up with an affectionate mother and a loving father. The youngest, Lucy Palmer, has grown up to the teachings of rising author Jane Austen while the other three sisters are subject to their...

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