I occasionally write stories and half way through writing them i get an idea to start another story and then i forget the previous story.

I'm a senior and after this year I am going off to college for accounting because math and money is a wonderful thing.

I have koi that are super cute and tame... but they don't really do anything... :(

I have an amazing boyfriend who means the world to me.... and his dog too... her name is Steve and she is the cutest puppy ever. ^_^

I love haunted houses but I hate scary movies.

I edit stories so if you want, message me and i'll edit your story. If you have a specific way on how you write, please tell me and i'll stick to it.

Fan me, Vote, or Comment! I'll read any story that you guys suggest! :)

I have a friend who writes on here to so if you love chai hit her up because she's an amazing author that should be known @yourlilRIOT7
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xLILxBUDDYx xLILxBUDDYx Jul 17, 2014 01:39AM
@Bananaboy117 Lol and you're so biased. :P and ohmygod one mispronunciation..  and I love your biased self too! :)
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