I'm Jack. 
I am a girl.

I have a Batman (all superhero, mainly just Batman though) obsession. Don't judge.
My grandmother says I'm a five year old boy trapped in a fifteen year old girl's body.
I believe it's true.

I also collect graphic tees. So feel free to buy me some and send them to me (;.

My favorite animes are:
1: Yu Yu Hakusho. (I'm aware that the anime is quite ancient. Shut it)
2: Death Note. (I love L. Not sure why. He's a sweets-loving, emo monkey.)
3: Black Butler. "You see, I am simply one hell of a butler."
4. Dragon Ball.
5. Fullmetal Alchemist.

If you want to find out more about me or see what I'm up to, go to my Twitter page (xJackSkeletonX) or see the story It's Just Me down below? Yeah, skim through that. That usually tells what I'm up to, has random blogs, and soon might have some cool short stories. Depending on if I finish up some things.
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xJackSkeletonX xJackSkeletonX Sep 25, 2015 06:02AM
Hello followers. I apologize for not being on here. However, I've come across an issue where someone completely and totally copied my book All the Rage. Even though it isn't my BEST work, I still don...
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Punk Teen, Beauty Queen

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Description: Book One: Evvimae Rose Monroe is a sixteen year old girl with a scene look and shy attitude. The night of her modeling job with Josh Hoffman, the frontman of her favorite band; Rebirth, she gets abused by her...

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Story Reading List

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