Love and lust are not one and the same... just as desire and like are different things. 

"Silence is a girl's loudest cry. It means her heart is too tired for words."


I love Richard Rahl and Kahlan Amnell. They are a couple whose love exceeds the boundaries of sanity, of life, of magic. Richard loves her more than his own life, risking himself by going to the underworld and even defying the world alone for her. Kahlan loves him beyond the rational, trusting him with all her heart even at the expense of a losing battle against herself.

Despite the trials and the pain, they finally found sanctuary in each other's arms.

Their story is the story of the greatest love the universe had ever known.

These amazing characters were created by Terry Goodkind.
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Description: "We always want what we can't get." Sometimes, life sucks and then you die. Or so they say. When life feels so empty, we wonder whether there is more to this world than simply existing. A hidden pur...


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