Hello, I'm Jessie. I like to read and write.  I'm 15, and planning on being an author, I have a few things to improve on.  I like to make fan-fictions and stuff. Those are fun ha, but here are some more things about me.

Name: Jessie

Age: 15

Looks: Medium light brown hair usually straight or in a pony tail, blue eyes, pale

Personality: Funny, Secretive, Shy sometimes, loud, nice.


Color(s): Black,purple, hot pink

Food(s): Pasta, Crab

Song(s): Skinny Love

Number: 11

Country: Britain


Season: Winter

Accent(s): Australian/British

Body Part (I know weird :p): Collar Bone

T.V. Show: The Vampire Diaries

Message me if you want any more. For now, bye.
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xFlyAwayWithMex xFlyAwayWithMex Jan 01, 2012 07:17AM
            Haha hello! :)
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