Well, to sum up my personality... I'm not normal. Just no. I'm a weirdo and proud.
I love reading and writing.
And i love cookies.
I <3 basketball. I'm extremely into cars. They rock.
I'm very musical- I love music. Life isn't life with out music. I play guitar, piano, and a bit of drums.
As for my name, address, number, and age... Dream on.
I love Wattpad. It's the BEST.
Better than cookies. Well, kinda. ;)
Gotta love Skyrim. You should play it.
I'm incredibly rand--- MOO! ;) Caughtchya off guard, yeah? Haha, knew it.
Another thing: I'm a grammar Nazi. Comma's are very important, people. For example, "Let's eat Grandpa." Vs. "Let's eat, Grandpa." See?
Anyways, if you read my story than I like you already. If you Vote, comment, and fan, I'll like you even more.
Soooooo vote and comment and fan... 'cuz you want me to like you right? I knew it. ;)
Kudos to you~If you read my story, voted, commented, or fanned, that is. ;)
Thank ya, strangers. :)
Things I like:
*Chocolate. Who doesn't?
*Video Games (Halo, Skyrim, Minecraft..etc.)
*You. (Because you're taking time to read this crap.)
*Guitarrrr (acoustic, classic, electric)
*Being hyper. XD XD ;D

Things I dislike:
*Two-faced people
*Judgmental peopleeee. (*Don't judge somebody until you walk a mile in their shoes, that way, you're a mile away from them and you have their shoes.)
*Oreos. Or any sandwich cookies.
*Cockroaches, and spiders.... *Shiver*

@BloodRivals- Read her storiesss, she's awesomee and the bestest friend everr. <3
@frootyloops- Amaaazinnggg author and my buddyyy. READ HER STORY! NOW.
@Sir_Dyllan- My other bestest friendd, and fantastic, amazinngggg poet. He's trippin'. ;D
@Voldie_Riddle- My homie and greeat friend, who is SO AWESOMELY FUN. Fan her.
@LittleGirlBlue- My twiiin and awesomeee author. SHE'S SO COOL.
@MysticAurora1- My fellow Tomboyyy. ;) She's the BEST.
@Brokenglassdreams- My buddy! :D

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xDanceLikeaLoonyx xDanceLikeaLoonyx Aug 16, 2012 08:16PM
@BloodRivals @sir_dyllan ......Hi guys. I've come to join the social party. -__-........ How's it goin'? Isn't my message bored comfy and cozy? It's fun to hang around on, huh? -___- ........... haha
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