Helloo beautiful / handsome! My name is Alyssa, I'm 17 years old and writing is one of my many passions; my others being singing, drawing, and entertaining the masses. I'm a proud Pisces, and I do believe in astrology.

I'm fascinated by all things fantasy and fictional, and I believe a good story cannot become an incredible one without romance. That being said, everything I write is going to be under the categories of fantasy, supernatural, action, romance, and adventure. I also immensely enjoy history, so any and all historical fiction, please be sure to send my way!

I sincerely hope you enjoy my writing, and I absolutely adore constructive criticism and feedback (hint hint). I hope you have an amazing day, my lovely visitors! Please be sure to come visit again soon, I get quite lonely~


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My Top 5 Authors on Wattpad! - Not in order.
Please go read their novel(s), I promise you won't be disappointed;

1. RobThier
2. SallySlater
3. saturn137
4. 6underground
5. janie1617


My Business Gmail: alyssapao@gmail.com
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xBelieve xBelieve 5 days ago
Should be ready to post Ch. 2 of Queen by tomorrow evening! Happy Thanksgiving everyone~
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Description: Queen is a hired gun, an assassin, a murderer, and the list goes on. She's renowned for her vicious ways and her efficiency in every job she accepts. However, her method of assassination is unknown to many, wh...


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