Well….. My name is Chloe... obviously 
I LOVE my family and friends!!

I love listening to music ,my favourite band is...omg! how am i meant to choose i love so many!!
I love:
~Sleeping with Sirens (Kellian Quinn...Hotie!!)
~All time Low
~The Cab
-Ed Sheeran
~Little Mix
-One direction
...and many, many more :D

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE DANCING!!!! It is a hobby of mine; it’s one of my passions.

But I LOVE reading as well, I read all the time...maybe a little to much :3

Anyway, enough about me...I hope you enjoy my stories!!

My amazing editors!:
- @miloredboy
- @ayeisarah7

And if you guys want to chat to me, email me at... xangelfromabovex@gmail.com
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The shy girl no one notices...till now (Editing!!!)

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Description: Skyla has always been the shy, unseen girl in the back of the classroom, she's the girl you would never notice. Not until Jeremy come's along, transferring classes into her's, he does everything to break her out of her shell even pulling off her Jum...

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Omg i so so so sorry I've been a terrible writer for like forever!! I've just been so busy for work and school and everything else, i honestly have had no time. i promise, no vow! i will post soon ish...hopefully fingers crossed i feel so bad.
      love you all for the support!!
Oh I think the title should be
      - In the flash of a light
      - Gone just like that
      - Why did it happen to me?
      - Just like that
      - He was here then like that he was gone.
      Ok those are the ones I like but it's your choice big fan hope you put these in to consideration 
Hi I wanted to say ilysm as a writer duh keep this Pg!
      Anyhoo I wanted to say you're an awesome writer mistakes here and there but who gives a shít about that ok it's not pg anymore.
      and I really hope you update and get some more inspiration 
      -Love read my username because I'm not typing it out but that sentence was way longer then typing my username but now I don't have to do underscores.
Hey everyone! I'm so sorry I haven't been on and posting, with school work and everything else in my life I have had no inspiration to write! But seeing all your comments makes me feel very special, so I'm going to try my best to update!! 
      Love you all xoxo