Dear People,

Heyy I'm my name is weird so you can call me Ali. One thing that you should know is that I'm Catholic. Despite my happy-go-lucky attitude im a very deep person. I always put people before myself when it is needed because I'm selfless but even I need help. I love each of my friends because they are like a part of me but kinda different. A lot of people describe us as:

Cynara: the sponataneous one, but very smart
Elizabeth: the truthful one, but can be silly
Ferrin: the sweet, but slightly strange one
Fredericka: the mature but weird one
Me: the adorable, protective, agressive, but interesting one
thats how people describe us but who can argue. We all love each other feircely. We all are freshman this fall. My sis in the group is.......FERRIN!!!! or Kiki shes on this website as Classygirl. she is very talented and love her to dead. Please read some of her stories they are amazing.

Oh I'm 14 years old, black naturally( please don't judge), people say I'm cute so I guess. I have brown eyes that actually change color on occasion( thhey actually do so dont judge), Im short but not small, I have what talents so to say. No I don't mean powers but im special in my own way so oh well. My love is eternal if I say I love you I mean it. I had a crush on this guy in 4th grade and it came back to fricken kill my ass in late 7th and all of 8th grade year. So I'm done sorry if you don't like anything sue me. oh and one warning "DON'T MESS WITH SOUTHERN BELLES THEY WILL KICK YOUR ASS", have been warned. :) Love you all. Bye,
With bunches of love,
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    Chillin' enjoyin' livin' in the south :)
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    Oct 18, 2009 10:58PM
xAngelAlix xAngelAlix Jun 01, 2011 11:38AM
no problem!!!! :)
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