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I'm αмвεя.

sorry for not being on much but i do have a life (even though it may be crap) and school and i can't come on. i apologise. i've been feeling like shit lately and even though i have inspiration to write, i don't have time. i miss my friends that i don't talk to much any more and i miss writing everyday. i'm sorry. pm me if you want a better reply. love you all.

i don't follow back or read stories bc i'm barely on and when i am on, i reply to PMs and edit stories, so please don't ask me.


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"Life's a bitch, you gotta go out and kick its ass." Riley is the definition of any school's bad girl...

ella1908 posted a message to xAmberr_1Dx
Also I would love to help edit your stories! They were so great and I would only edit a story of I loved it very much And would want it nice and polished:)
Hey guys, hope you're all okay! 
      So I've been thinking and I haven't been writing at all lately, I just haven't felt any inspiration or anything.. But I wanted to ask you guys (there's 42k of you okay, please reply some of you!) if you wanted me to carry on with fanfics, try teen fic or what? Since its summer I'm gonna try and write a bit and see what comes out but I'm not promising anything haha 
      So yeah, maybe I may write teen fic or fan fic, what would you guys prefer? Would you read teen fics? 
      I also need to edit my stories lol anyone wanna help? hahaha but yeah, please reply! 
      love you all yay <3 
      P.S: I'll try to reply to messages soon!