Sixteen. Seventeen. Eighteen. Nineteen.

Cynical granny.
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writingfromsaturn writingfromsaturn Nov 24, 2014 03:51AM
It's a really simple concept. You ruin things by forcing them to happen.
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Hartaches and Larksongs

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Description: Elements. ◮ Feebleheart ◮ Of Former Things (Ode To The New) ◮ Hecate and Rosendy ◮ You're A Fire Because I Say So ◮ Time (A Song) ◮ Us Cold People (Were Once Not) ◮ To a dame ◮ Star-eyed Loves ◮ 1/2 From A B...

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The war between Citadel and The Sentinel has just been declared when the newly-"swept" Roan Se...

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