oof,, i just ‘fought’ this hardcore halsey stan and she was so aggressive and also problematic too?? like she was justifying halsey trashy behavior and was lowkey a pedo sympathizer. eww??


@writersaid What trashy stuff did she do?


Um hi i was wondering if i can some help writing a short story im not reaaly good a typing and wrighting but i got realy good story's


i need help in finding a harry styles fic. so the gist is that harry is an assasin and the female character is the sweetest and nicest human being but harry obviously finds her annoying. she also tends to ramble a lot and she’s more or less like a pushover. there’s also a part where she finds her childhood friend in the mix of her doing a project with harry and soon gets some of her memory back when the friend tells her somethings. her memory gets a bit jumbled up and soon finds out that harry is the person that wiped out her memory. there’s also a part where some of her childhood is like she is trapped with some children and they were named as numbers. she was named four i think, then like her childhood friend will steal some food then he got caught and she blames herself and she gets brought to harry. harry doesn’t know what to do and he eventually grows to like her a bit. harry got to name her and she was happy to find oreos in his room. that’s all i remember and i hope if anyone read this book before please tell me the name and author of the book cuz i’m desperate to read this book again. xx sheena 


hey i just discovered your account and i already love it
          i love that your book covers match with each other and have a certain aesthetic
          you inspire me so much i love it
          thats what i wanted to say