I love to write and I want you to read and like my work for what it is, not for who I am. So, I hope you enjoy them. I put so much into my peices of writing. I think of them as art, or a person. They all have their own personalities (themes and messages),  they are diverse (come from different times in my life), and have different beliefs (different points of views). But they all want and like peace, so please do not give them a war of negativity. Please like my writing for 'who' they are and not for their creator. Some of my writing comes from personal experiences and are close to my heart. I hope you look past that and don't judge a book by its cover. Some are short stories, or different types of poems with different genres that come from different backgrounds. Hope you enjoy! ;p :)
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Story by write_on_pointe
I am // I feel by write_on_pointe
I am // I feel
This is a poem about someone, who is alone, trying to understand that they are abandoned. They are going thro...