I love words. I actually love anything to do with language, even the study of it. A story can take me away to anywhere the story leads. Until sleep takes over. That's a wonderful thing.  Secondly I love the soil, the land. When I plant a seed and watch the outcome, well to me I'm watching a miracle. My friends, the four legged fury type. Three dogs, Roxie,  Charlie, and Freddy and 2 horses, Avalon and Shooter. Most importantly always.  . my love of God. There is nothing better than owning a faith and holding it close.. . 
In as much as I appreciate Wattpad I am going back to the hard cover. Only to expess as an avid reader to all authors that this is a starting point and I understand but to try to hunt down the ending books in a series is getting more difficult. Yes it's me, call me old fashioned or hard to understand but when I read a story I want the whole story without disappointment of where I find the sequels. I want the easy way now and again of not having to go online all the time. Like I said this is great, and yes online I am now, but I want the comfort of the old tried and true. Books, with stories to be sad to end. When I'm the one who lays that story to rest after a good read it's on my terms. Thank you and always good luck. Woman of the Woods.
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