Ok so I thought it was about time I updated this. I might do something short but sweet this time. Maybe facts about me?
Lets see what are some exciting fact about me………………………………………………………………………………………..No idea lol :p Ok just kidding....Kinda ;)
Fact 1, drum roll please……I’m Australian. OMG! Lol ok so that’s not really an exciting fact. Unless you love Kangaroos, Koalas and kookaburras or Crocodiles but seriously who likes crocodiles? Those big teeth. (Shivers) Kangaroos are cool though well except for when they get into our neighbors yard and our dogs go crazy barking at them. But there still cute. Although you should make a note not to approach the big red ones, they may attack ya.
Anyway moving on too……..
Fact 2, I love the rain and thunderstorms. I’m seriously messed up because I have no motivation on sunny days. But as soon as it starts raining I am like a kid who had had way too my sugar. Excitement overload!
Fact 2, wow you made it this far I thought for sure you would have dozed off by now hmmmm I better make this one a good one then. I am allergic to sunlight! Yes I seriously am. No I do not sparkle when I go out in the sun, and no I am not a Vampire. I wish I had more in common with a werewolf then a vampire :( maybe one day I will grow fur or something. :p
Fact 3, I am female, I added this one because I have been mistaken as a male on here. :/ not sure why but oh well. My tomboyness (I know that’s not even a word) Must be showing through.
Fact 4, I LOVE TO READ! Who would have guessed right?
Fact 5, I started writing because my nephew convinced me to try it.
My Email is wolf_lover_2012@yahoo.com.au
Facebook Fan Page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wolflover2012/416535595078388?ref=hl

@alt2004 - The Shadows (Which is currently on hold)

@Forever_Young2296 – The silent one, she is also my cover maker.

@LidaciaMillegar – Is my editor for Secrets beneath the eyes book 1
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Description: A weekend camping trip to Crystal Lake turns out to be more then what Lucy Green and her friends had expected. Returning home they hoped life would continue on as normal only to discover that something’s will never be the same again. Suddenly the ce...


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Secrets beneath the Eyes (SBTE Book 1)

Secrets beneath the Eyes (SBTE Book 1)

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Amazing cover made by Abigail_Grimm

angels2008 posted a message to wolflover2012
are you kidding me, sometimes I'm so sleepless I wake up and I start reading and don't even realize it's morning out again. you are a very gifted writer, and thank you for taking the time to read my message, but more so for responding.
angels2008 posted a message to wolflover2012
maybe ask your readers and see who they suggest. the ones with the most wins? for Hayden um maybe omg!!! I just drew a blank but he played the alpha on true blood. for me I'd like him.
angels2008 posted a message to wolflover2012
I love your book, but home come there's no pictures of the men on there? anyways, I stayed up til 5am just so I could fisish this one book. Now I'm dragging butt for my girls with getting them ready for school this morning, but, it was oh so worth it lol.