OK so I'm REALLY, REALLY slow at updating my story because it's very hard to get what's up in my head down onto the laptop or paper. With that being said I apologize profusely!!!!

I have a lovely kitty that I love and adore, I love Criminal Minds, NCIS (although I don't watch the new ones because my fav character left) and Bones. I like bright colors my favorites being hot pink, purple and blue and in that order =)

I like the Twilight saga but only because of the wolves! In the story I'm currently writing there might be a bit of Bella bashing because I'm not a huge fan of her.

My favorite actors are Matthew Gray Gubler, Taylor Lautner, Mark Harmon, Shemar Moore (love the Baby Girl shirts!!!) and Hugh Jackman.

My favorite actresses are Emma Watson, Anne Hathaway, Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy
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So mad right now >:(  I wrote a bunch for the first chapter of "Bound by Fate" and NONE of it was saved!!!!!!!!! Now I have to rewrite it (Roars in frustration)
So I've decided I'm going to delete the story I'm writing and write a new one that is a combo of the one I started with and an idea I've had for awhile. I'm working on a title for the new one and I plan on writing several chapters before posting it. I was looking back at my current story and realized that my writing style has changed quite a bit and I just don't like the way it looks. I'm sorry if you're angry with me but I think the new one will be better.
OK so I accidently deleted a book not to long ago and now I can't seem to find it!!! All I can remember is that it's about a wealthy Italian guy and the cover is of a hot guy with black shoulder length hair. I know it's not much to go on but if anyone can tell me if it's still available to read and can tell me the title I will love you forever!!!!!!! And it sucks because I can't remember the stinking title!!!! I also went through all of the romance books that were completed but couldn't find the cover photo. For all I know the author could have changed it or worse DELETED it =O If anyone can tell me anything about this I will be VERY grateful =) Merry Christmas