I am a writer, after a fashion.  Most of my fiction is written at work, and begins 'Comes now the Plaintiff, by and through counsel...' When I'm not at work, I write, be it children's stories, young adult novels, or wicked gruesome police procedurals.   Some stories are true, with names changed to protect the stupid.

Several of my short stories and essays are in assorted print and online periodicals. I have a semi-regular column in I Love Cats magazine, Sparkles is in The Muscadine Lines literary journal come October, Affectionating now appears in An Honest Lie: volume 3, and several of my stories have run in Catnip Chronicles and Horizons.

Oh yeah. I'm also the Official Crazy Cat Lady [my byline in I Love Cats is proof] If I don't have at least three cats helping at the computer, I can't write.

He Will Restore, Neutral Zone, and Adventures of a Crazy Cat Lady, all by Helen Chapman, and House that Jack Built, Unidentified Objects, The Gazing Ball and YaYa Goes to Vandybear, by Anne Arrandale, are all available at Amazon, and at Smashwords for e-readers.
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