All of my fanfiction is Harry Potter related.

I've been a Harry Potter fan since late 2004, and started writing fan fiction at the beginning of 2006. Many of my stories were started (and many completed) before Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows came out, so they don't account for all the information from that novel, so please don't try to inform my of those type of errors as I prefer to leave my stories as is (No offence intended).

I've noticed in nearly every HP fanfic I've read that whenever a character who's not considered good-looking gets romantically involved with someone, it gets explained that they've actually gotten better looking. Apparently, most writers believe that only people who look like Greek gods and goddesses can find love. I think that sends the wrong message to readers.

I've never understood the cowardice of people who flame a story and don't have the guts to sign in when they do it. What I do when I start reading a story I don't like is stop reading it, without leaving a review, and looking for a story I do enjoy. In regards to reviewing, I follow the rule: If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. In my opinion, fanfic authors should not be held to the same standard as professional authors. So my request to readers is to not be insulting in your reviews for my stories or anybody else's stories. Nobody is forcing you to read them, and you didn't have to pay for the privilege.

For more information about me, or to contact me, visit my fanfiction page.
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