So Drunk On You has got up to one million reads!!!! Thank you so much everyone 


Hello, so i just finished reading Red Lights, and it was so amazing! I love the idea of stripper Cas, (i know im weird) and i looked for more stories with the same idea, but i couldnt find any, so i was wondering if i could use the idea to write a story. It would be different from yours, and i would give you credit for the idea and be like 'go check out red lights by wingsandhunters its really good'
          Its completely fine if you dont but just wondering


Still not over your writing. I leave Wattpad a lot because it was kinda a middle school phase for me, but I always come back to your stories. They remain favorites and close to my heart, and I still think they’re well written. Kudos to you, wingsandhunters!


I am so awestruck by your writing, I just finished reading drunk on you for the third time over, and it still makes me laugh out loud and cry! I am so impressed by your writing, and it amazes me how well you were able to develope the characters both physically and mentally, your writing is amazing!!! I know what the next chapter will entail but I'm still on the edge of my seat❤


@jrprest123 this is the sweetest thing ever thank you so much! Honestly drunk on you was the most fun I've ever had writing 


Just a suggestion from your loyal reader lol. Would've love to see a sequel for Forgive Me Father, For I Have Sinned. I mean that story was sick af! Was hoping we get to see the development between Dean and Cas since they're becoming human again. Just a suggestion btw. Here, have a donut


@juliesdmn I don't think I am writing any more but feel free to use the base line of the story if you ever think about writing anything! Thanks for the donut!