❝she's got stars in her brown eyes and a library in her head❞

winged-keys/ivy. brown-eyed. harry potter enthusiast. constantly looking for inspiration. maker of fanfictions & moodboards. loves the arts.

her life: harry potter, christianity, moodboards and aesthetics, too many books to read, lemon-flavored foods (namely yogurt), cats, and fantasy novels.

fanfiction & aesthetic account for @leontine_willow

❝friends are the stars that shine through the storm❞
noel! (@theregularravenclaw )
sophia! (@ladyconstellation )
lucy! (@creepette162 )
lexi! (@-motherslove )
caroline! (@vicesgerard )
ellie! (@smile_its_ellie )
most! (@most_bay )
mickey! (@_imperfect_writing )
neff! (@femineff- )
libon! (@libon27 )

❝ooh, look, a blibbering humdinger!❞
luna lovegood is my favorite character ever and always will be, because of how much she reminds me of myself!

best quotes:
❝keep your ̶k̶n̶i̶f̶e̶ wit sharp- you'll never know when you'll need it❞-me

❝every night i lie in bed the brightest colors fill my head- a million dreams are keeping me awake❞-the greatest showman

❝of course it is happening inside your head, harry, but why on earth should that mean it's not real?❞-albus dumbledore

have a great day!

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