Hello all! Am currently writing and editing chapters of Poison! I know it's been awhile since last i've posted. Unfortunately after I deleted Poison, I didn't realize that I was missing chapters 11-27. But i've found a translation that has all the chapters! I will trying to translate them back, edit, and repost them soon. I HAVE NO GIVEN UP ON WATTLED


omg bless your soul!! this fanfic I read years ago, and it always stuck with me because I couldn’t believe the ending. Truly would love to see it again and reread it to blow my mind again!!! it’s really ICONIC 


@willtwerk4tacos Yes! Literally every time I log onto Wattpad I check to see if you have updated. Thank You for bringing it back.


Yes please bring it back. I really want to take the chance to read it for the first time  love you! Hope you find the lost chapters. Best of luck  


Hey, I know you probably have a lot of things to worry about during this pandemic so wattpad is obviously not your priority, but I really hope you can update Poison soon ): I‘ve read it twice and I just loved it so much, last time I read it I think it was in 2015 ??? then I was off wattpad for a while but I’ve recently come back and I was dying to read Poison again, and I was so sad to find out you deleted it. I know someone else updated the whole story, and there’s also the Spanish translation that I could read, but idk it just doesn’t feel right reading the story if it’s not theirs, ya know? So hopefully you can update the story soon, if not it’s totally understandable. Stay safe! xx 


I know this is super random but I still remember reading Poison on my phone during summer break in 2013 when I was in HS, and loving the storyline and how it was nicely written. I’m surprised they took it down and now you meed to rewrite it. I can’t wait for you to finish updating the last chapters of it so I can read it and visit some old memories. 


Is the Poison posted on her the exact same as the one they deleted? People reccomend it and say so many good things about it that I REALLY want to read it 


Hey! Hope you’re good, I just wanted to tell you that I have on my library a Spanish translation of poison and it would be my pleasure to translate chapter 11 for you, this is my favorite story of all times, so I would be happy to help you!


Hello I remember reading it long ago and now I regret not remembering the ending! If you have access to the story could you please dm me what happened at the end? Thank u




Hi Can u publish Dark Angel and Poison again. And continue Shadow wood cuz being left on cliffhanger really sucks, I really want to know what happens next. Also Dark Angel and Poison were really good stories that I read and it was sad to come back to find one to be deleted and other to be left incomplete while going thru progress of reposting. I really like you writing style and mystery dark vibes of your stories. So I hope you continue posting :) 


^^^ YESSS dark angel and poison we're literally my top two favorite fanfics of all time i was so distraught when you took them down


Please re publish poison! Out of all of the fan fictions I’ve read years later this is the one i remember, this one was legendary, so please finish ❤️ hope you are well