My name is Willow "The Black Widow" Ravenfeather.  I have been a horror enthusiast for 24 years, watching horror movies since I was 4 years old. I've been a Witch for 17 years and a High Priestess of 7 years, and have wrote many Occult works of my own, as well as essays for my work. 

I'm a type of person who remembers her past memories in exact detail, anywhere from childhood events, to dreams. As I am a horror enthusiast, I am the type of person that you could say "Invokes Nightmares", I enjoy them, and can sleep through them quite well, often being upset if I do wake up in the middle of one.

I have long wanted to have my dreams put into stories, as they are unique. However, my stories are not only dream based, they are a mixture of dream, as well as things within my life also incorporated into my writing. I also like writing my stories in the manner where I am the main character, as the story is generally being told through my perspective.

I give full permission for anyone to share links to my stories, do YouTube narratives, etc as long as long as I am credited.
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