I love to write and I love to read. But I absolutely love horses and all animals. 
I'm very weird and I also have no idea what I want to do with my life. I've been pondering Guinea Pig Wrangling (someone's gotta do it).

Anywho, glad you like my stories (if you do, that is, if you don't then no problem, for you that is I'll probably cry myself to sleep now). Just kidding.

Questions no one asked me to answer (but I'm going to anyway):
1. Where are Dora's parents?-I'd say Boots is her mom....and dad.
2. Favorite animal that starts with a L?-Right, um, lemon?
3. Favorite book?-I'll have to go with The Book Thief. *serious face*
4. Favorite question?-Are you too far off the path?
5. Favorite answer to above favorite question?-The pidgeon holds the key.
5 1/2. Um, there's no 'd' in pigeon.-You don't know me.
6. Own an awesome hat?-Yes, yes I do.
7. Are you going to say what said awesome hat is?-Nope. It's too awesome for words.
8. Favorite movie?-The Lion King.
9. Can you ever be serious?-Oh, look it's Daffy Duck and Mitchell Davis.

I think that about covers me. One more thing though....*looks around suspiciously* I have hobo issues.....it's been confirmed...I also have Dora issues (see number one). I just have many issues.

P.S. Just know that if you ask me to read your story it might take me a while to get to it (school and whatnot), sorry.

P.P.S. If you message me and I don't reply, it's because I've forgotten. I have a very bad short term memory so just message me again and say: REPLY NOW!!!! But maybe something nicer than that so I don't get upset and use the bathroom earlier than my usual predetermined time....oh, I probably shouldn't have said that, now you think I'm weird don't you? Well, I'm just going to say to that: if you didn't think I was weird before this part you probably need a therapist.

Okay, just ignore me. My stories are not this psychoish (I hope). Bye!
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I don't know if you guys got my message, but my account was hacked and someone was pretending to be me. I was just now able to get it back. If any of you are still interested in reading the end of my...
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