Hey gurlll I loved your Josh Washington series so much I pulled an all nighter just reading the books. You’re awesome! :D


Your josh Washington X reader sequel was awesome I'm so glad I read it I absolutely loved it.


Do you think you can do another josh x reader/oc story or even a mike one? I just read this and I'm about to reread it. Great job with the writing and trust me I'm usually very picky, keep up the good work! 


Hey, I love your books!!! I started to write my own, becuase I got inspired by you. Can you check it out? Love you!!


I have a miner request and it's ok if you don't want to do it but make a lemon or just a wedding type of thing please, your stories are absolutely amazing and I would be truly happy and amazed that you took my request. Just to clarify its only a request so you can deny or accept. Thanks.