Hi, check out my reading list (FAV STORIES : MUST RE-READ). Everything in that reading list are good stories. (Just ignore those RL below since that's my personal RL, hehe.) I do have a high standard when it comes to novels so if it was there, I assure you it was very good!❤️    

Wait, I don't like novels with male lead who has exes. Any kind of exes, crush/lover/fiance/wife. And also stories with cheating dirty manwhore male leads and male lead who has a child with another woman. I don't like reading that kind of genre and if I ever run in that kind of genre then I would like to apologize in advance because I'm sure I won't stop badmouthing everything. Call it immaturity, toxicity, selfishness or what but that's not really my cup of tea and I would remain like this. I don't move on easily from past mistakes and I surely think I badly need a medicine for my condition haha.

I know some author's may take my opinions as offensive, sorry but I just can't control myself once I get very emotional.

And Please! Don't give me wrong information and Feedbacks when I asked for it (I mean since I always jump in the epilogue of the story before reading it and asked for Feedbacks if it was great or if it was passable with what i want/need) just so I could read the story! It's dirty! I'm already traumatized, please let's just be honest. 😭
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