I love teen fiction romance books.

I hate when people judge a book on grammer instead of the story itself.

I'm just chillin, learning about a life with Christ.

Every person has their own opinion, what is written below is just mine and I don't expect anyone to think like I do. In books love is written as something that can be felt because it is no other way to explain it, but in reality I believe the following:

Love is not an emotion, it is something that is done,not felt. Think about it you can be happy one moment and the next your sad. Those are emotions, if love was an emotion or a feeling you wouldn't love someone or something very long. Love isn't about sex, because if you loved someone that wouldn't be important in your relationsh​ip​.​ In a relationsh​ip if the words 'If you loved me you would do it.' ever come up leave​,​because that person doesn't love you. If you honestly loved something you would love it no matter what it did, what it said, or how it made you feel. You can be furious at something you love, and still love it. That is proof that love is not an emotion. We all feel different every day, our emotions never stay the same. So that is why love is something done, not an emotion or something felt. For if you truely love it, no matter where life takes you, your love will always remain.

If you read all of the above Your Awesome :D
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