I'M BACK (: (:

I was obviously missed ... Right?

Well anyways hello there ^o^

*follow me and join the skittle army and together we will rise and kick some square starburst butt*

lets get down and dirty

∆ The name is Faz but i go by Mama Skittle

∆ I'M THE AWESOMESAUCE AGE OF 16 (getting old)

∆ I poop brown skittles

∆ i have this 'obbsession' with bands and hot guys

∆ i like reading because it makes my nipples vibrate with happiness

∆ I FUCKING LOVE SKITTLES!!! all kinds of skittles mmmhm the SOUR ONES are so facking good *boner*

∆ i like talking so yeah hmu skittle army

∆ i've been through a lot in the past year of life and i can finally say i'm the happiest i've EVER been so WANT TO SHARE THE HAPPINESS so if you ever feel like shit message me and i'll happily make you smile well try (: (: (: (: (:

i lahve you spooner MWWAAAAAH xxoox

wtf are you still reading this for uhm FOLLOW ME AND MESSAGE ME 0.0

If you want me to read your books then PLEASE let me know

Ok bYE!

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@TanTanEatsPancakes I ACCIDENTALLY ate THEM omfg I'm not even sorry D;
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